Specialty Finishing

Enhance your printed items with a specialised finish

We are happy to discuss customised and bespoke finishing of the printing we do for you. It’s a great way to add a high quality distinguished finish to your branded products. It provides a tactile feel as well as a very elegant and sculpted surface that subtly enhances the look and feel of any printed item.

prontoprint&copy offers a wide range of options such as rounded corners, foil, embossing, die cutting, eyelets, drilling, perforating, scoring and tabbing.

See below for more details on ways to enhance your printed items.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossing, also known as ‘print chop’ or ‘print marking’, creates a raised impression. The paper is reshaped raising the image above the level of the paper so the image stands out on the sheet. Debossing is when the image has been impressed into the paper. The paper is reshaped below the level of the paper, so the image is recessed into the sheet. Blind press embossing is simply embossing only over the paper. So, an embossed image that is not stamped over a printed image, not foil stamped, and the resulting raised image is the same colour as the paper is referred to as blind embossing. Ink Embossing though refers to printing with ink first and then embossing the final print. Either way, these techniques bring a three-dimensional aspect to your printed material and can be done on almost any paper-based stationery to add interest and texture. It often features on business cards and letterheads.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is the process of cutting shapes or forms out of paper using a custom made knife. These knives enables prontoprint&copy to create business card with round corners, presentations folders, swing tags, packaging, boxes and cut outs. There is a one-off charge for creating the knife but we may have already have an extant knife that suits your design. Email us to discuss.


Foil stamping, also called foiling, hot foil stamping, hot stamping foil printing, dry stamping, foil imprinting, leaf stamping or foil stamp design, all describe the art of placing a highly reflective metallic-appearing material on your final print product using heat and pressure. When foil stamping is combined with embossing it is sometimes referred to as foil embossing. There are many more colours available than just gold and silver foil. Call us to discuss the selection of foils suitable for your job.

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