Mounting Services

Improve the effectiveness of your presentation by mounting

At prontoprint&copy you have the option of mounting your prints onto a substrate or, for larger volumes, printing directly onto the substrate itself.

Types of mounting substrates:

Although there are many types of mount boards available, in fact you could mount to a wooden plank if desired… we have simplified the decision to the following brilliant list of substrates:

Cardboard Mounting:

2mm thick suitable for heavier weight paper and photos, ideal for smaller images than need that extra weight.

Foam board Mounting:

Foam PVC sheets are ideal for indoor and outdoor use in advertising, construction and industry. Foam PVC sheets feature lightweight, durable and versatile surfaces which can be painted, printed, engraved or milled, according to customer specifications.
An excellent feature of this Foamed PVC material is that it is self-extinguishing, meaning that it is a safe material to be used in any environment.
Foamed PVC sheets can be fabricated and installed easily using conventional tools and simple handling methods available in 5mm and 10mm thicknesses. Superb for lightweight displays where a larger print requires hanging with either velcro or double-sided tape.
We suggest 10 mm thickness for sizes greater than A1.

Forex board Mounting:

There are cheaper boards around but they are not as consistent in thickness.

Corflute Mounting:

Made from Polypropylene (PP) block co-polymer, PP Corrugated Sheet is an extruded hollow profile sheet consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs. It is non toxic, no smell, and moisture resistance, anti-corrosion. Its uniquely strong yet lightweight properties make it suitable for a wide range of uses particularly in packaging, stationery, advertising, construction and agriculture

PVC Mounting:

Ideal for lightboxes and outdoor applications.

Composite Aluminium Mounting

3mm, two layers of aluminium consisting of a high grade polyethylene core with 300 micron 0.3mm polyester skin. Rigid long lasting perfect for permanent installations

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