Laminating Services

Pouch and Roll Matte and Gloss Laminating

prontoprint copy can laminate any of the documents we produce for you. We also provide A1 and A2 laminating services.

Bring your documents to pronto print for lamination. Protect your school assignments and favourite posters with pronto print same day lamination service. Laminating protects your documents from dirt, pollution, weather, water and is perfect for certificates, nostalgic documents, menus, maps, signs, photos and instruction sheets.

Protect on-site construction plan prints with our A1 and A2 laminating service.

When documents are laminated, the colours become brighter and more vivid.  The laminate not only protects prints from the elements is also adds strength to the print. Many different paper types can be laminated. It is best applied to posters, certificates, laser copy output, menus, place mats, maps and photographs.

Pronto Print Roll Laminating – ideal for Posters, Signs or Drawings for Protection of your Valuable Documents. Ideal for construction site plan prints. Quality rugged double sided gloss finish. Oversize up to 750mm Wide Laminated – eg B1, A1 & A2

Pronto Print Pouch Laminating – Protect your Drawings. Perfect for protecting restaurant menus. Quality double sided gloss or elegant matte finish up to A3 size.

Mountingpronto print copy provides a full range of mounting options including foamboard, letramax, PVC, corflute and wood mount. Let us know your requirements and we’ll ensure it gets done right.