The Magic of QR Codes

Update your marketing materials for the smartphone age!

Let clients load your contact info into their smartphone with one click!

Let prontoprint&copy help bring your marketing materials into the 21st century with proper use of QR codes!  prontoprint&copy can add a QR code to your business card allowing your clients to call you, go to your website or add your contact details to their smartphone with one simple scan.

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Obviously there are an unlimited new and innovative applications for QR Code technology. Below are just 16 ideas to get your creative juices flowing about the many new ways that QR Codes can be leveraged creatively in your business.

Business Cards: printing a QR code on your business cards can be used to automatically send a scanner your vCard information, and they can instantly put your information in their contact system.

Product Labels: a QR code on your product label can direct customers video showing them how to use the product, provide technical specifications, display reviews of your product, or take them to an eCommerce site to purchase your product.

Promotional Freebies: QR Codes on t-shirts, Frisbee, mugs, tote bags, magnets, buttons, notepads,or calendars, will attract new tech-savvy prospects to your company.

Contests: QR codes can be used to direct users to a contest entry page, and they can be used in the contest to give instructions or rules.

Social Networking: QR Codes can instantly add new “friends” to your company’s Facebook or Twitter page.

Scavenger Hunts: QR codes provide the clues, and scan a QR code to find the next object.

Coupons: Scan QR Codes for discounts, rebates, or other special offers to the tech-savvy consumer.

Video: QR Codes link to a marketing video of your company or product.

Navigation: Don’t bother typing directions, just create a QR Code with your address. When scans it launches the smart phone GPS and provides navigational directions.

or consider:
QR Code Event Name Badges: Networking has never been easier. Attendees just scan each other and complete contact information is now permanently records for recall when desired.

QR Code holiday hints. Place QR Codes on holiday wrapping paper or gift tags. Scan the package for hints about what is inside.

QR Codes on home installations. Place QR Code stickers with installer information. When products break or need replacing, they know exactly where product originated.

QR Code car door magnets – place a QR Code on your card door for instant connect as you drive by prospects. Ask prontoprint&copy about our range of car magnets.