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Effective Loyalty Card Printing

Printed loyalty cards are not just for restaurants and cafés. They can be used productively for ANY business that can benefit from repeat, loyal customers. Loyalty cards can be like a standard business card or even plastic like a credit card. A loyalty print marketing campaign is one of the most cost effective ways of maintaining and growing membership and customer loyalty for cafés, restaurants, retail outlets and sports clubs.

Put on your ‘customer hat’, and think of a shop that you regularly visit. Why do you always go to a certain café for your morning coffee? Why don’t you bother trying out the new restaurant on the corner? Why is a small discount not enough for you to change your car mechanic? Fear? Uncertainty? Doubt?

Now put your ’business owner’ hat back on, and you can understand why you can have trouble getting the word out about your own business, and getting new customers through the door even with the friendliest service staff around, a beautiful product range and some pretty good value offers.

Whatever your answers to the questions above, some or all of these factors will apply to your own business. That is what makes loyalty print marketing such a powerful tool for increasing your sales, while keeping down your costs for acquiring new clients.

Printed Loyalty Cards are the simplest, easiest and fastest way to start your warm-marketing program, offering a familiar format, ease of implementation, simple to use and flexibility of your offer.  Printed loyalty cards are amazingly cost effective, too.  Printed Loyalty Cards are perfect for sports, yoga studio and sporting club membership programs, restaurant loyalty programs and retail outlet rewards programs.

Whether you need simple mark-or-punch cards or more sophisticated cards with QR codes, barcoding, numbering or magnetic stripes, the team at prontoprint&copy has the experience to provide you with a turn key solution based around your unique needs.

If you are keen to start a restaurant loyalty program, require coffee loyalty cards,  looking for loyalty membership cards, want loyalty card ideas or just want to know how to increase customer loyalty – contact us!

Perfect for sports clubs, yoga studios, retail shops, cafés and service providers, loyalty print materials and membership cards can have an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Printed loyalty and membership cards can be any size or shape and present virtually any kind of offer. They can even double as coupons or discount offers.  Ask prontoprint&copy about suggestions on customer loyalty print materials.

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